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Daily Rituals
Hotel Hotel

Hotel Hotel is a hotel. It is a place for people and the hotel watches them with curiosity. What they see informs the way they think about and design their spaces.

The hotel’s fascination with human behaviours was the catalyst for a new campaign conceived of and developed by U-P titled Daily Rituals. The campaign included a series of short films that reenact everyday rituals of interesting people in the rooms of the hotel. The shorts were shown at Palace Cinemas around the country. Daily Rituals also included an ongoing study of human rituals on social media and a series of live public performances of rituals by Australian personalities in the private spaces of the hotel including readings in bed, sunset watching and evening walks.


Director of Photography: Liam Gilmour
Colour grading: Marcus Smith
Sound: Becky Sui Zhen


Melbourne, 33 Peel Street
Collingwood 3066


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