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Making Do
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By Paul Marcus Fuog

MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne

Last summer we teamed up with Jacob Klein from Haw-Lin and Adli Klein from Such Agreeable Friends to deliver a workshop for MPavilion in Melbourne titled Making Do.

Creative output is often crippled by overthinking. All creatives are familiar with the paralysing effect of projecting too far ahead and focusing on outcomes. Procrastination, sitting infront of a blank computer screen, over complication and confusion are all too common aspects of the working lives of designers.

This workshop was about thinking as making, trusting your intuition, rapid creation and being present in the moment. Sometimes just by starting something we are able to spark new creative thought–and then evolve and develop ideas while doing.

Uriah, Adli, Jacob, Paul

We presented each participant with a box containing a collection of unremarkable materials–things you would likely find lying around the home. Participants were then tasked with making four pairs of shoes with 15 minutes allowed per pair. The shoes needed to have functional and aesthetic qualities but the style was completely up to the participant.

In between the 15 minute making intervals participants needed to present and discuss their shoes to the group by walking in them to a nearby platform.

The workshop encouraged design experimentation and improvision. It was about jumping in, not overthinking and not looking back. It was wonderful to observe the different approaches. One participant cleverly evolved his shoe design at each interval–embedding new learning from the previous round into each subsequent iteration. By the end of the hour his shoes where relatively resolved. Others experimented with completely new designs each time. And some participants incorporated the developments and thinking of others into later iterations, demonstrating how design can be shared.


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